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Founder & Director

Kelli Brown

"At the young age of 19 Kelli ran away with the circus. She joined Ringling Bros & Barnum and Bailey in 2010 and toured the entire U.S and parts of Mexico performing in countless arenas, TV stations, Radio, and parades, such as the Macy's Thanksgiving parade. Though her circus career's origins were in the art of clowning, she quickly grew her love for Contortion, Hand Balancing and most of all the Aerial Arts after marveling over her fellow performers. 

Rather than going to a Circus school, her circus school was the circus itself. She was taught by circus artists from around the world, leaving her with a wide variety of skills and techniques. 

After leaving Ringling in 2013, Kelli continued training, and began her journey in teaching the Circus Arts in 2014. She has taught Circus Arts & workshops for seven years including in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

She now specializes in Contortion, Aerial Silk, Dance Trapeze, Static Trapeze, Unicycling, Juggling, and Club Passing with her husband Julio."


Co-Founder & Manager

Julio Ramazini

Julio attended Ecole National De Circo in Rio De Janeiro from 2003-2006. He studied Static Trapeze, Juggling, Unicycle, Hand Balancing, Perch, Banquine, Tumbling, and Foot Juggling. In 2006 he was recruited by a Ringling Bros scout at his circus school. He was offered a contract on the spot with Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey as a clown, and moved to America where he toured around the entire US and Mexico from 2006-2013. After leaving Ringling, he found himself back in the states with his now wife Kelli Brown-Ramazini. They began teaching at Lone Star Circus from 2014-2019. He has directed hundreds of acts for hundreds of students, and has helped with Artistic Direction in many shows. His specialty is Juggling and Unicycle and has been performing with his wife Kelli Brown- Ramazini in many shows such as The Petite Palace, Slappy's Holiday Circus, "Oh La La" and countless more.

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