A gaze upon 2020


Welcome to The Ramazini's FIRST ever blog entry! Thank you for being here! We love you. Seriously.

WHOA. Was this a crazy year or what? Like literally, I nearly lost my mind.

We have accomplished so much this year, and it wouldn't be possible without our wonderful circus community near and far. We are forever grateful for the people around us who keep believing in us. We have grown as people, as artists, as partners, and as a marriage. 2019 brought hard decisions with it and lots of development in terms of what we are striving for as artist.

We hope 2020 is FULL of opportunities for us to reach out and grab! In the meantime, here are some opportunities to come and see us live, or take a workshop!

We will keep you updated through our interactive calendar located on our "UPCOMING SHOWS" page and through this blog!

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1/22 Northpark Mall 10am near the big red sculpture!

2/5 Northpark Mall 10 am near the big red sculpture!

2/8 Galleria Mall 11:30 am near the play place!

2/15 Northpark Mall 10 am near the big red sculpture!


3/16- 3/22 Workshops at Genesis Yoga

1. Safety In Back Bending

-Learn how to SAFELY use back flexibility though STRENGTH and active flexibility. We will do pre-bending and pre-stretching exercises that will makes your muscles say thank you for stretching them.

2. Duo Acro (Beginner level)

-Lets have fun! Bring a buddy! We will be working with parters, 2 or 3 at a time learning how to crawl on each other and make cool shapes. This is a beginner level class and is open to anyone. We will work on poses such as front balance, flag, all the way to learning two-high technique

3. Handstand Technique

-Learn the fundamental building blocks for a perfect handstand line! We will be working on shoulder functionality, and how to achieve correct alignment while in a handstand using BALANCE, so we can relax in our handstands and truly grasp finding our center. Will will do various handstand and compression exercises that will excel your learning in hand balancing


Kelli and Julio, The Ramazini's

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